Anterior Hip Arthroplasty

The direct anterior approach is one option for performing minimally invasive hip replacement surgery (total hip arthroplasty), by exposing the front (anterior) side of the hip. Common names for this procedure include direct anterior hip replacement or anterior hip arthroplasty. In recent years, this approach has gained in popularity because the muscles and soft tissues do not have to be detached. The direct anterior hip replacement is not a new technique. It has been utilized for over 30 years.

The choice to use the anterior approach for a total hip replacement relies on many factors. Three things we must consider are (1) surgeon experience or training, (2) patient-specific factors, and (3) the supportive evidence.

Clinical studies have shown two major advantages to an anterior approach: (1) patients with a direct anterior approach seem to have earlier mobilization, and that (2) hip replacement with an anterior approach does not require post-operative precautions or limitations in motion or activities. With the direct anterior approach, we are also able to check live X-rays during surgery and verify the position of our implants and leg lengths.

Overall, the direct anterior approach can be utilized on most patients.

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