Joint Treatment

Knee Replacement

When knee pain from arthritis becomes disabling, knee replacement becomes a reasonable treatment option. Knee joints can either be totally or partially replaced depending on your age, condition, and specific problem or injury.

At Wooster Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center, we offer both of these options to our patients. In the early stages of osteoarthritis, a partial knee replacement can be considered.

During a partial knee replacement, our orthopaedic specialists resurface only the damaged area of the knee, resulting in decreased pain and improved function. In later stages of osteoarthritis, a total knee replacement is usually performed. When indicated, we perform these procedures with minimally invasive techniques. Recovery typically takes less than eight weeks.

Hip Replacement

When hip arthritis impedes your ability to walk, hip replacement surgery can help. Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly trained and experienced in this procedure, during which we remove arthritic tissue. Hip arthritis can be caused by traumatic injuries, diseases, poor blood supply, or birth defects.

During a total hip replacement, we remove and replace arthritic tissue on the surfaces of the ball and the socket of the hip joint. When appropriate, we use a minimally invasive approach that may result in greater stability, less scarring and a faster recovery than the more traditional procedure.

Most patients begin rehabilitation immediately, supervised by our on-staff physical therapy team. Recovery typically takes four to eight weeks.

Shoulder and Elbow Replacement

If you are suffering from advanced arthritis or severe fractures of the shoulder or elbow, you can get the welcome relief you need with shoulder or elbow replacement.

During this procedure, we remove and replace the damaged cartilage. An elbow or shoulder replacement requires a short hospitalization followed by rehabilitation under the guidance of our physical therapists. Recovery typically takes eight to 12 weeks.

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